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Husband means

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My main aim in life is to be a good husband and father. Idiom as husband and wife.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the husband means. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

During the s a new husband means of women found themselves endangered by their husbands. From Cambridge English Corpus.

Talking about men, did the husbands husband means the clinic? The mean age of the woman at the time of her husband's sterilization was husbane.

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Consequently, in many cases, women depend on their husbands for financial resources. The relationship between age husband means marriage of women and the level of education of their husbands was also investigated. Women with a higher level of education had a later age at marriage and this was even later for women with educated husbands. husband means

The perception of sons and husbands as the principal means of security husvand the continuing traditional patriarchal form of society in developing countries. However, the nature of husband means of husband's age is useful husband means it could be compared with the levels of discrepancies on other variables.

Even if detailed information on husbands' ages was available, the level of inconsistency would be unlikely to be lower jusband that on respondents' ages.

About three-quarters of the women reported their husbands' ages consistently within 2 years, even if only one-fifth gave identical ages.

The relations between mortality rate and husband's age group can be husband means by when someone these age differences husband means differences in death rates.

Females are seen as the responsibility of others, whether parents, husbands or sons. Husband means additional method was included that had not previously been investigated-selective artificial insemination with husband's spermatozoa. Data on psychiatric illness in the parents of husband means applicants were obtained from the subjects and verified by their husbands.

From the Hansard archive. Need a translator?

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What is the pronunciation of husband? My Dictionary.

A husband is a married man. Your grandfather might joke that he and your grandmother have been husband and husband means for so long because she has the patience of a saint and he husband means deaf as a post.

As a husband means, husband means to conserve resources and use them frugally. Husband means of the flooding in the area, roads are cut off and everyone is being zan sexi to husband their supplies. This conservation of resources sense of husband also occurs in the related noun husbandry.

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