We love this. Even Philly’s airport is #Lit!

Welcome back to Qwerty, where words matter and everyone is welcome. And when we say welcome back, we’re really talking about ourselves. The Qwerty staff spent most of the summer away from Philly, in far away places like London, Seattle, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Well, Washington, D.C. isn’t that far away, but still, we weren’t here in our City of Brotherly Love. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t getting #Lit all summer long. If you follow us on Instagram, then you know we’ve been busy posting all kinds of photos from our literary adventures this summer. We hung out in cool bookstores, met hip book club members, and even visited the brand new, way cool, American Writers Museum in Chicago.

But now summer is over and we’ve landed back in Philly and are so excited to get back to work, keeping everyone informed and inspired about the literary life right here in this amazing city. Please let us know if you have an upcoming, word-friendly event that you want us to share with the Qwerty community. We’ll do it. And don’t forget to regularly check in here and on our social networks (Facebook  Twitter + Instagram) to discover places to go, people to meet and books to read that will keep your #LitLife on fleek. We’ll be launching our monthly newsletter soon that will be chock full of extra content and special deals for subscribers, so feel free to sign up now. (Psst, over there on the right ===>)

We’re so glad to be back.

Remember to stay #Lit!