cropped-books-1-1.jpgIt’s the middle of the week. It’s raining. What’s a Philly wordsmith to do? Check out these lit links we’ve gathered to keep Philly wordsmiths entertained and up to date about the literary life in the City of Brotherly Love.

• The Free Library is going all out to bring a diverse selection of world-class authors to Philadelphia. Before the holidays they are bringing in both Michael Chabon (Moonglow) and Wesley Lowery (They Can’t Kill Us All). And yes, both events are free. Check out the Free Library’s full schedule and make your plans!

• The Annual Philadelphia Writers Party is happening on December 8, 2016 at the Pen and Pencil Club. If you’re a writer and you live and/or work in Philadelphia, then you probably want to be at this party. You don’t need a special invitation. Just show up. (Pen or pencil not required) Deets for the party can be found here.

• This isn’t exactly Philly specific, but if you’re a writer and you live in Philly, you will probably enjoy this recent episode of Fresh Air, where Terry Gross spoke to writer Zadie Smith about her new novel, Swing Time. You can thank us later. Enjoy.

• As a writer, the current political situation may make you question how you can use your words to make a difference. How do you take your protest to the page? Well, have you considered channeling your protest into a zine? Yes, you can make your own zine to disseminate to the masses and get your protest on. Or you can make a zine that inspires people to find their happy in times of despair. There’s no one way to do a zine, but you can go find out about the basics of creating your own zine at the Zines for Social Change workshop sponsored by the Leeway Foundation. The workshop is at Amalgam Comics & Coffeeshop on December 4, 2016. The event is free but space is limited, so find out how to RSVP here.

• Don’t you love independent book stores? Of course you do. So do we, and right now, we’re loving the Big Blue Marble Bookstore in Mt. Airy because they have turned their bookstore into a one-stop, protest lounge on Fridays. Folks can come in and make calls to elected officials, write letters, organize protests and discuss other ways take our country back from the dark place it seems to be heading. Big ups to the Big Blue Marble for taking a stand!