What does a librarian see every day while on duty? Shh..it’s a secret!

Okay, so the secret life of a librarian in London has nothing to do with Philadelphia, but still, we couldn’t resist posting this story from The Guardian here for your enjoyment. After all, we love libraries all over the world. Here’s a tidbit from the story:

There is never a dull moment in the life of a public library. We open our doors and anyone can come in, so we never know quite what to expect and every day is very different. One of the most extraordinary things that has happened to me at work was when I was asked to search my central London library for bombs during a terror alert. I had contacted the police when I received a bomb threat but, as they pointed out, “you know what the library looks like, so please have a walk around to see if anything is out of place”. Fortunately it was a false alarm and there were no incendiary devices hidden in the card catalogue.

Some of the funniest things that have happened to me at work include the discovery of some remarkable objects left in books, presumably as book marks. I vividly recall opening a detective novel to find a piece of streaky bacon stuck between its pages. I pictured the borrower, reading his book at the breakfast table before rushing off to work, and reaching out for whatever was at hand to mark his page. I also worked at a library where a colleague decided to close the building and call the police when a used condom was discovered oozing its contents through the well-thumbed pages of a certain DH Lawrence classic.”

Here’s the link to the rest of the story. You’re welcome and happy Wednesday!