It's a bike! It's a library! It's the Free Library's New Book Bike!

It’s a bike! It’s a library! It’s the Free Library’s New Book Bike! (credit: Free Library of Philadelphia)

First there were tiny libraries sprouting up around Philadelphia, now there are libraries on wheels. Yes, the Free Library of Philadelphia has officially introduced the Book Bike, a mobile library on three wheels that brings books into the community. There’s a great article on that tells the full story of this fabulous initiative.

Of course Philadelphia isn’t the first city to have a mobile library, although they may be the first to have a Book Bike on a tricycle. In 2007, the amazing author Masha Hamilton wrote a novel, based on a true story, about a mobile library in Kenya. The book is called, The Camel Bookmobile because, you guessed it, the library was housed on a camel’s back. Check out the book and the story behind the real-life camel bookmobile.

All of this just proves that libraries are possible in the most extra-ordinary circumstances.